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At this time I am no longer booking weddings for 2018. I'm taking a break for much needed family time. Thank you!

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love notes 

-You were amazing and it was a joy to share our day with you and your mother. Thank you so much for capturing all of our beautiful memories! ~ Sarah 

-I just wanted to reach out and tell you personally how much I appreciate all your hard work the day of my wedding! You were Wonderful on all accounts! Thank you for being patient with everyone but still keeping us on track. You truly were a HUGE reason why the day was so perfect for me. I LOVE the shots I've seen you post already. Ok seriously shocked at how amazing everything is. Girl you rocked it, and your mom was the best too! You have so much talent. So many people also said how they appreciated how polite and respectful you were and that you didn't just jam the camera in their faces. Again, I cannot thank you enough :) We now have our photographer for life. ~Mia 

-Christina Davis, I am going through them all right now and I can't even find the right words to tell you how thankful I am for all that you have done. Your work is amazing, YOU my dear are amazing! With patience and grace, style and a beaming smile, you are going places!     - Brittany