Maui, Hawaii - Adventure


Our trip to Hawaii! I booked a flight!! ✈️ Jeff and I wanted to go to Hawaii and we couldn’t afford to go for our honeymoon so we saved up and went to Maui for our third anniversary. It was the most amazing magical, rainbow filled week ever. 


We booked our trip through AAA, Holly Moon. She was incredible! She helped us purchase travel insurance that saved our butts! 

We had a delayed flight leaving Atlanta, darn July thunderstorm. The insurance reimbursed us the night we weren’t able to stay and all our expenses at the airport, SCORE! 

We sat at the airport allll day long. During the wait at the airport we met John & Jamie. They are both natives of Hawaii and gave us so many tips on local areas to check out. It was definitely a God thing. I am so glad we made new friends. We have been able to keep in touch and they keep us updated on what’s happening on the islands! 

First Day on Maui!

Our first sunset on the island.

Another Sunset

During our stay we ate at many restaurants. The most memorable was our anniversary dinner at Mama’s Fish House! They placed a note on the table welcoming us and I was adorned with a beautiful fresh strand tuberose lei. The gorgeous fragrant blooms smelled heavenly! But the dessert, OMG it was a black pearl, um yum! 

Another fantastic restaurant to check out is Star Noodle. It was featured on Food Network by Guy Fieri. 

Jeff was treated the day we traveled to Kapalua Golf Club. He chose the bay course, of course! :) The ocean views there are stunning. 


Did you know that the road to Hana has 59 one way bridges and 620 curves. We did not wreck thanks to my passenger side driving hitting my invisible brake pedal!!  It took us 6 hours to go to Hana and back to the resort. I downloaded an app from iTunes that gave us a tour while we drove, it was so helpful. We took our time, swam under waterfalls, hugged rainbow trees and ate fresh local produce. If you are up for the adventure you have to stop at Black Rock Beach, and The Seven Sacred Pools of Ohe’o. The coconut water was so refreshing after all that driving, and hiking. 

Luaus are a must if you visit the islands. We had a blast in Lahaina at the show and we tried lots of new foods! Jeff wouldn’t try the octopus, he is a Heyhey chicken! I ate way too many Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes. My mouth is watering.... Can someone from the island ship me some? Maybe I can order them. brb

Our full day sailing excursion to Lanai was guided by Trilogy. For breakfast they treated us with fresh squeezed pineapple and orange juice along with their famous cinnamon rolls. After snorkeling a bbq lunch was the best way to relax on Hulopo’e beach. After we filled our tummies we hiked to Sweetheart Rock. Careful not to get to close to the edge! 

Our last day! Boooo! Here I am gathering shells and rocks. Did you know you must have your luggage pass agricultural inspection before you check in with the airline. It's to prevent spread of fruit flies and other hazardous plants, insects, and diseases. I took a conch shell from Turks and Caicos once and they called me to this sketchy back room and checked my bag, glad I survived that, or maybe it was the bottle of rum that was half full ;-).

I can’t stop thinking about going back! I check flights all the time hoping to find a bargain! We will return! 

Mahalo Y’all! - Christina